The Commercial Department (NBTI).

The Commercial Department was created to specifically deal with issues relating to commercialization of research products, marketing research and consultancy, Trade fair and exhibitions and other activities necessary for the nurturing and overall development of entrepreneurs. These involve activities tailored towards assisting pre- Incubatees, residents and non-residents and Post-Incubatees to the development, promotion and growth of their businesses including marketing, sales promotion, trade fair/exhibition participation, linkages to funding, and general business plan/feasibility report writing and appraisal, exposure to business partnership and investors.



The Commercial Department is charged with the responsibility of housing TIP products and prototypes of research and development taking place in all the Technology Incubation Centres in Nigeria.

Specifically it has responsibilities for:

  1. Assisting in preparing loans requests for Entrepreneurs.
  2. Assisting in sourcing of grants requests for Entrepreneurs.
  3. Carrying out feasibility studies on Business concerns, Trade Associations.
  4. Collecting trade intelligence reports, Analyzing and Evaluating Statistical Data on Trade and Development.
  5. Compiling Trade Journals and Directories for Publicity and dissemination.
  6. Carrying out specified functions in the areas of investment such as Sourcing of investors for the commercialization of our entrepreneurs’ products and Organizing investor’s forum to link Entrepreneurs to possible investors as well as researchers.
  7. Business and commercial advisory services, Seminars and Conferences for the enlightenment of indigenous businessmen and their Employees.
  8. Promoting Trade through the provision of information to relevant stakeholders
  9. Conducting market research studies and survey for advisory purposes.
  10. Rendering general advice and assistance to Entrepreneurs on business development and sustainability.
  11. Assisting in the preparation of Trade legislative and formulation of development plan projects as they affect Trade and Export Promotion.
  12. Handling matters relating to local Production and Marketing development.
  13. Organizing Local and international Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.
  14. Participating in Local and international Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Trade missions, Expositions, etc within and outside the Country.
  15. Undertaking consultancy services
  16. Assisting in Organizing and Executing Training programmes for Staff.
  17. Assisting in the Administration of the Commercial department.
  18. Coordinating the Progress Reports from Centres and Zonal Offices.
  19. Initiating the review of Policies and Programmes on commercial matters.
  20. Advising on the formulation, Execution and Review of Policies and Programmes relating to the activities of the department, Zones and Centres.
  21. Taking responsibility for Commercial Development Planning.
  22. Commercialization of Research and Developments and Innovative efforts through technology incubation program
  23. Coordination of commercial activities for entrepreneurs in incubation under all schemes as well as institutionalization of AGMs and preparation of annual accounts.
  24. Assisting Entrepreneurs in the various TICs to identify appropriate market outlets and marketing of their products through advertisement and personal selling arrangement.
  25. Liaise with commercial officers in the various Centres in assisting entrepreneurs in the writing of bankable business plan/feasibility report for SMES funding.
  26. Coordinate the collation of product feedbacks from end users of TIP products.
  1.  Working on codification of all TIP products across the centres and establishment of NBTI online shopping platform/display centres.
  2. Any other schedule or assignment the Director General/CEO or the Board may assign.






Mission and Vision
  • Vision

    The vision of the program is to pursue the commercialization of technologies and technical innovations using technology incubation as a tool in order to enhance the attainment of technological,industrial,social and economic competitiveness of the country and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

  • Mission

    To develop the necessary infrastructure for nurturing technology start-ups;to promote Nigeria’s indigenous potentials through value-added and technology-related activities;and to create enabling environment for effective linkage amongst technology providers,entreprenuers,capital and know how in order to accelerate the development of new enterprises.